LED Skin Care Kits

LED Skin Care Kits
If you’re looking to give your skin serious love, try an LED skin care kit. Typically used two or
three times a week, these LED kits provide skin with a rejuvenating and calming boost. Results
may vary depending on your skin type and condition 法令纹消除. Read on to discover the best LED beauty
devices for you. Let us know what you think! What are your top picks? You’ll be amazed by the
variety of options!

LED light therapy: What is it, and does it work?
Nu Skin
The Nu Skin at home beauty device produces an effective galvanic current, pushing products
into your skin. The two positive sides repel each other while the negative side attracts impurities.
This process helps you achieve a youthful appearance and firmer, more even skin. The device’s
Trina toning device and standard microcurrent attachment are both included with the device
bundle. The Treatment and Pre-Treat gels are sold separately but are vital to the results.
Dermaflash Dermapore
The Dermapore is a hands-free facial cleansing device from the makers of the Dermaflash
group. Its Extract mode unclogs pores and enhances absorption of serums and moisturizers.
Users of the Dermapore should start using the device at least twice a week for optimal results.
Read on to learn more. Here’s a brief review of the Dermapore device. After you’ve tried it, you’ll
be convinced you need to add it to your beauty regimen.
A new beauty gadget is offering consumers the chance to benefit from light therapy at home. A
Cellreturn LED Mask has three different wavelengths, each targeting a different skin concern.
Red light helps to improve elasticity, while near-infrared light promotes collagen production.
Meanwhile, pink light helps to soothe skin irritations and scarring. Unlike other LED masks, the
CELLRETURN LED Mask has a range of features that are sure to make it a great addition to
your beauty regime.

Premium Photo | Radio frequency facial treatment
The NuFace at-home beauty device uses microcurrent technology to help you achieve more
beautiful skin at home. The palm-sized device is bundled with a rechargeable cord, a tube of gel
primer, and a laminated card that outlines a five-minute daily routine. It comes with an app, too,
so you can receive notifications of treatments or find tutorials on more advanced treatments. For
example, you can use the device to enhance your eyebrows and smooth out your skin.

The STOP VX at home beauty device has three treatment modes: Single RF, DMA, and DMA-
Pulse. The latter option has a slower RF frequency but still gives the same results. Both models

require only about 20 minutes of treatment time for full face and neck. The STOP VX also offers

the option of DMA treatment on the jawline. This treatment option requires only minimal
The Microderm GLO is a clinically proven, easy-to-use beauty device created by award-winning
dermatologists. It includes two interchangeable cleaning brushes and twenty filter replacement
packs. The device helps you clean your face and pores, rebuild collagen, and diminish the
appearance of wrinkles. The device’s patented diamond exfoliation technology works by pulling
skin cells deep into the skin. This results in tight, radiant skin.